We kick off this week’s annual art-world pilgrimage to Miami with some water ballerinas Aqualillies

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Hollywood’s modern pin-ups Aqualillies in a sinister-edged short by Clara Cullen 

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Underwater ballet as you’ve never seen it before, starring the compelling Aqualillies

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Little Joe on set with Stella Schnabel (Source: rachelchandler)

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Stella Schnabel dances to “Robert Johann Koldewey is Talking to Me” by artist Charles Derenne’s music project, 1982. Listen to more here.

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New York actress Stella Schnabel throws shapes as filmmaker Rachel Chandler dances off screen

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Prima ballerina Janie Taylor makes Chloé dance here.

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London Science Museum’s new Media Space plays host to a pulsating installation from digital vanguards Universal Everything here.

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Gravity-defying dancer Lil Buck throws some confined shapes in this video by Jacob Sutton here.

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Belgian performer Olivier shares his passion for dance with photographer and filmmaker Linda Brownlee here.

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