Beijing’s photogenic skyline like you’ve never seen it before

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Building Beijing from an alien perspective: Ole Sheeren’s captivating essay to the Chinese capital

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Starchitect Ole Scheeren on the rise and fall of Beijing’s skyline

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Director Thomas Rhazi explores China’s vital new creative voice here.

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“Everyone is trying to find that new Chinese voice.” Don’t miss today’s must-see documentary, China Now, here.

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China Now: our latest documentary roams the historic contours of Shanghai and Beijing here.

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"Life is a process." Migrating with shapeshifting, foldable furniture, Beijing based architect Naihan Li questions the concept of dwelling while accommodating the requirements of a modern, mobile world. More on NOWNESS.

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Naihan Li forms The Crates, a collection of modish, foldable furniture inspired by the transient and migrating lifestyle shared by millions of Chinese today. More on NOWNESS.

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Beijing architect Naihan Li deconstructs her shapeshifting furniture. More of her work on NOWNESS.

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Welcome to Not Vital’s base in Beijing, where the nomadic Swiss sculptor details his newfound love for painting (Source:

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